FASHION | NYFW SS15 streetstyle

New York Fashion Week is over and this means that I'm going to do a recap of the best, most beautiful streetstyle photos. After the jump there is a ton of inspiration waiting for you!
London Fashion Week has also come to an end so stay tuned for some British fashion!


OUTFIT | Boho maxi dress

After the amount of rain we had in August it's even more nice that the sun is shining and the fact that the temperatures are enjoyable -although it might be a bit warmer for me, but no complaining. 
Seems like we're having an Indian summer! What better way to celebrate this and wear my new boho maxi dress, which I got from my grandma and grandpa by the way, 
I can imagine that this dress isn't everyone's cup of tea, incluiding the boyfriend, but according to the weather forcast we still have some sunny days to come which means I can shoot other outfits.
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dress : Modemusthaves // sunglasses : Asos // bag : Modemusthaves // sandals : Asos //


LIFE | Instagram #11

No words today. I'm going to take a break of my Monday-words-posts and will just write one when I feel like it. That doesn't mean I've got no post for you, I think it is time for a new update from my favorite social media platform, Instagram. I guess you could say I'm an insta-addict; scrolling through my feed, pressing the like button, leaving comments, watch closely what my favorite bloggers/instagrammers are posting, etc. 
Let's take a look at my recent Instagram photos, and don't forget to follow me @lyndesloovere ;) 


CRAVING | Jewelry

I'm craving lots of jewelry lately. Here are some of the pieces I wouldn't mind having and that are affordable. Actually, two pieces you see in this collage are already on it's way to me, I couldn't help it. And to be honest, there are four more pieces that I really really want.. 
First row : 
Second row : 
Third row : 


WORDS | Demons past midnight

You know those nights you can't sleep because your brain starts to think and it just won't stop? Yeah, me too.. 
I've already told you not too long ago that I am a real overthinker. I'm pretty much an overthinker 24/7 but when I go to bed and it is time to sleep, it's like these demons get even more awake! 
To me, there are different kind of demons : the ones who go away pretty quickly but you also got the ones that are stuck into your brain and almost go lead a life by themselves and eat up bits and pieces of your happiness. Gosh, how I hate them. 
I mostly try to abandon them by reading a book -quite a bookwurm over here- and writing down what I'm thinking about but sometimes nothing seems to work. So..that's why I am asking you if you have any other tips? 
PS : I'm not the only one dealing with this, right?