WORDS | Collect moments

When I am writing this it is almost midnight and I just got home from a trip to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 
This quote may look a bit 'weird' on a fashion blog since fashion has lots to do with things but in the end, what do you remember? Things or memories from funny, lovely, special moments?
I am not saying that you don't have to buy anything, I know that I won't leave that Chanel 2.55 in the shop if I had the money, but what I want to say is that maybe we should invest more in moments that make us happy -a citytrip, going a day somewhere, a festival, a vacation or something else that you love to do- instead of buying another pair of jeans or shoes. 
This is definitely not an attack on you because I'm guilty of buying another thing of this/that as well, it is a reminder to me, you, us. 


SHOP | Mise en Dior earrings : the real versus the deal

The double pearl earrings from Dior, called the 'Mise en Dior' earrings, are hot! Since they came out a few months ago you could spot celebs, it-girls and fashionistas wearing them. 
There are lots of DIY's over the internet but if you're not that crafty and are lusting over these beauties, don't worry because I've found some look-a-likes for you! 
While the real ones cost $290, these from the webshop Modemusthaves only cost €16,95 (about $23,49). That's what I call a pretty good deal! Don't you?

Here is the link to them : http://www.modemusthaves.com/nieuw/pearl-ear-white.html


LIFE | Instagram #9

Some weeks have past so it is time for a little Instagram update. Apart from letting my followers know that there was a new blogpost online I wasn't very active on Instagram the past two months. The main reason for this is that I've been sick a few times (migraine, stomach flu, etc). 
Besides those crappy days there were if course also nice things that happened so let's take a look at that! 
If you want to follow me, look for 'lyndesloovere' , see you on Instagram! 

Ouzo at Maastricht // on my way to my first blogevent // 
goodnight // donuts // 

slouchy sweater and rosé to start the weekend // happy 8th birthday to my little princess // 
Essie nailpolish // happy Sunday // 

Julia June event @ Fevery // flowerpower // 
sunny afternoon // new iPhone-case // 

some cool Harpers Bazaar emoji's // goodnight // 
braid kinda day // love Miraslova Duma her shoes during NYFW // 

happy V'day // I really want this Balenciaga // 
fab Chanel nailpolish // kissies from sissies // 

a video with some photos from the past 5 years with my love ! 


WORDS | I love you

If you follow me on Twitter (@lyndesloovere) or on Instagram (lyndesloovere) you may already have noticed that I am in the love mood. The reason for this is that yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my love and I! Reason enough to be completely high in the sky with my head, if you ask me. 
One of the most beautiful things you can say to someone is that you love them so this 'quote' couldn't have a better timing! (Since every week I pick out some words that have a reference to my life at the moment)
Go work on those languages and spread the love! 
Much love, xo Lyn 


FASHION | Alexander Wang x H&M

Very exciting news on this Sunday morning : Alexander Wang is the next guest designer for H&M! They revealed the news a few hours ago at the Coachella festival with 2 videos at Wang's official Instagram, go to @alexanderwangny if you want to see them. Of course they couldn't leave Twitter behind so there was a photo spread of Margareta van den Bosch (H&M's head of design) together with the designer, which you can see below. The collection will hit the stores on November 6th, I can't wait! 

PS : sorry for the absence on the blog the last week but I have been sick for about half of the week.